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A Scare Tactic


An effeminate scream made its way out of Ewon, the silver bowl of salad dressing left his hands and promptly plummeted to the ground. Making the floor all kinds of slippery, sticky and... Ugh.

Ewon felt a throb in his head, "What was that for?!" His assailant had not so much as a shred of guilt in his stupid stupid handsome face.

Spoilers!Collapse )

Totally Captivated v1-6
4 Totally Captivated Doujinshi

You can find prices and description here ->
I'm now in a Project of translating this Totally Captivated manhwa into my language, Vietnamese. I know that there're many fujoshi-s in love with this manhwa in Vietnam. However, because of the "RAW problem", I couldn't continue this project >.,< I really need this RAW. So it'd be awesome if you guys help me find the link to RAW of Totally Captivated. I tried to find on WordPress but unfortunately, the links were broken a long time ago.. It's almost hopeless till now.

I've only been fan of TC and Yoo HaJin shii for a few months so the passion in me is still as huge as ever xD I really need to translate this awesome manhwa before this "fire" in me is extinguished TT^TT

I really really need your help ~ pleaseeee~~

Thank you so much ^^

Anyway, I couldn't believe there are so many TC fans in the world like this. So good to see there're still many people having the same hobby, just like me xD <3
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16 June 2014 @ 04:34 am
Hey guys! did you know that Hajin Yoo is doing an online manhwa?
unfortunately it's korean :D It seems like a BL to me and I hope someone can translate it pretty soon.
I just kind of don't really like how senseis art is improving. I miss the TC style..
what's your opinion of the manhwa?
21 August 2013 @ 10:38 pm
So because I previously uploaded the scans in there original form, it created a huge file, causing some problems with downloading (and uploading you have no idea lol). After trying a few ways to fix it,  I discovered that I could make the files smaller by reducing the size of each pic. So I have to manually go through each pic to cut down the size. This may take me some hours but I swear I will conquer the complexities that revolve around sharing these scan!!!  I appreciate all the kind words of thanks and support from you guys.*big hugs* I will be posting the links on this post so keep an eye out.

The links are finally here!
diary of sangchul:
https://mega.co.nz/#!m8owlKzY!BWAyqQSVkV72gqbSdprrRQ_fKSkeAMwigpyMuEjtRrk diary of sangchul:

totally peeking under the sheets volume 1:
part 1: how to live with a total beast:

part2: totally peeking under the sheets

totally peeking under the sheets volume 2:
final chapter part 1:

Done and done! Let's hope its all ok this time!

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18 August 2013 @ 12:27 am
Hi everyone, I can't believe I missed the news that TC djs were licensed and released. Now that I'm over at Netcomics trying to buy them, of course, it's all sold out.

I'm wondering if anyone here has the English version and would be willing to scan the Chairman Lee/Mookyul story that wasn't released?

Or if anyone has some sort of lead as to how I can purchase, please let me know!

Edit: Great news everyone! I emailed Netcomics with an order for the DJs just to try my luck and they came back saying they processed my order! So for those who want to own this you can still buy it!
11 June 2013 @ 09:53 pm
No one should be sharing links with people who keeps asking and apparently don't read the main post which clearly states they missed the 1 month deadline .. but yet people still think they are soooooo damn special and I should share with them!!

Well if you read my actual post you would see why my answer is no and don't anyone dare answer back to these people who don't care for rules and reading what the scanlation team has to say before jumping to annoying me for links!

STOP PM'n me I'm not sharing the links until the next volume and at the moment I have no will to scan volume 3!
Hi all,

I am looking for Totally Captivated Vol. 6 and Seven Days Vol. 1. I know it's hard to find and prices out there are merciless, I am looking for a reasonable price or maybe trade.

If you're interested in trade I have the newest novel Deadlock: Hard Time (Japanese). I recently bought it last month in Japan, I never open it, so it's completely new.

Hope someone read this and hear my pleas.

Thanks and good day to you!
29 April 2013 @ 06:40 pm
ok, yesterday i got a message from nycmango n..... the result .........[Spoiler (click to open)]
u can get the volume 1 n 2 if u PM nycmango.... ^^  , i'm glad that RoA will be share again among us , please treasure it >,<

i'm sorry i can't give the link directly coz it her wish ^^ , n btw if something happened again , i'm already have some backup vol , so don't be worried okay ^^
Thanks ^^
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